Is your child safe online?

The internet is used every day in almost every home, we all know how useful it can be for research, gaming, keeping in touch with friends and even homework. But, as a parent, do you know what your child is researching, who they are playing games with and who their 'online friends are:

A few tips to help keep them safe are:

  • Ensure you know who they are speaking to.
  • Do they know all their friends 'online' or are they "friends of friends"?
  • Do they have internet access all night in their bedrooms - do they need it?
  • Emphasise the danger of meeting someone they have only spoken to 'online'.
  • Cyber-bullying is increasing - it is easier to type/text nasty things than say them face-to face.
  • Know how to report incidents and block unwanted contacts.

These dangers are, unfortunately, all too common. At Rainhill High we take the safety of all our pupils very seriously and plan to actively raise awareness throughout school. "Safer Internet Day" this year is on 5th February. Staff and Pupils will watch films about online dangers and how to report issues.

You can also watch these films if you use these external YouTube links, from the official CEOP YouTube page

Rainhill High School has an Anti-Bullying Officer, who can advise you or your child with any concerns you have related to Cyber Bullying.


The Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP) works across the UK tackling child sex abuse and providing advice for parents, young people and children about internet safety and online safety.

Follow this link to report abuse through the CEOP website: 

Remember the WWW is the WORLD wide web, anyone can see what you post so THINK first before you give any personal information out online. Here’s a video to show just how easy it is for your details to fall into the wrong hands