Where do I begin?
Whether you are a parent or a member of the public, the place to start is the school. Follow the
stages in the document below this text. It is much better if matters can be resolved within the school, even if this might feel rather awkward at the beginning.

The Principles
You will be listened to so that your complaint is understood. Complaints need to be investigated, and the
Head of School, Executive Principal, Chair of Governors or the Chair of Trustees will need some time to do this.

A reasonable amount of time for investigating most complaints is laid down in the stages explained in this booklet; you should be told if it will take longer than this.

In particular:

  • You need to think about the nature of your complaint. Gather the facts and be clear about:
  • What it is you are complaining about?
  • What and where the incident happened?
  • Who else was involved?
  • Whether anyone saw it happen?
  • Who you have spoken to already?
  • It is helpful if complaints are madeat the earliest opportunity. Each complaint will be dealt with promptly and fairly.
  • The school will respond positively to all concerns. General complaints must be made within a time limit of 12 months.
  • Each complaint will be dealt with promptly and fairly.
  • Individual staff and pupils will be entitled to have their point of view heard if they are being complained
  • against, and their rights will be respected at all times.
  • The outcome of the investigation into a general complaint will be put into writing, indicating the reasons for the decision and what further action (if any) will be taken by the school, e.g. a change of policy of procedures.
  • We will listen to your concerns.  If we get it wrong, we will say sorry.