Rainhill offers a range of pathways at KS3, KS4 and KS5. Students follow different pathways to ensure that they receive the right amount of support or challenge best suited to them. The Curriculum aims to allow all students to study a broad and balanced curriculum that allows each individual to achieve at the highest level.




Year 7 Students are set for Mathematics and English based on their KS2 exam performance in these subjects. All literacy heavy subjects are grouped by English set i.e. History, Geography, RE, French and Citizenship. Science, Art, Music, Technology and Drama are grouped by Mathematics set. PE is based on half-year groups and split into gender-specific classes. Any student who arrives in Year 7 below the expected level of literacy will receive help and support through our literacy intervention programme on either a one-to-one or small group basis.

Y8 students are grouped as above based on their English or Mathematics set. For our most able students a second language is studied, for others there is either additional English or literacy support lessons.

3 Year KS4

The Core Curriculum comprises of GCSEs in English Language, English Literature, Maths, Combined Science – Trilogy, Core PE/Recreation, RE, Citizenship, Health Education and Careers as well as an arts options and three further options subjects that include:-

  • BTEC First in Business (Year 11)
  • BTEC First in Performing Arts (Dance) (Year 11)
  • BTEC First in Music Technology (Year 11)
  • BTEC First in Creative Media (Year 11)
  • GCSE Art Graphics
  • GCSE Art Textiles
  • GCSE Trilogy  Science
  • GCSE Computer Science
  • GCSE Drama
  • GCSE DT Resistant Materials
  • GCSE Fine Art
  • GCSE Food and Nutrition (Year 10 and 11)
  • GCSE French
  • GCSE Geography
  • GCSE German
  • GCSE History
  • GCSE Music
  • GCSE Photography
  • GCSE Spanish
  • GSCE Separate Science – Biology, Chemistry and Physics
  • L2 Technical Award in Constructing the Built Environment
  • L2 CIDA (ICT) (Year 11)
  • L2 Technical Award in Business Enterprise 
  • L2 Technical Award in Digital Media 
  • L2 Technical Award in Art & Design (Fashion)
  • L2 Technical Award in Performing Arts (Dance) 

Pathways have been offered on the basis of current performance as well as student preferences. All pathways include an arts option in line with the school's Media Arts College Status. The pathways are as follows in current year 9. 


The curriculum post 16 offers 3 pathways and allows students to follow an academic, mixed or vocational programme best suited to their ability and aspirations post 18. For those who have not yet achieved a c in english and /or maths this is included in their studies.KS5