Meet the new Head Boy and Head Girl for 2019-2020

In Livvy Sergision and Ethan Watts, Rainhill High has a new Head Boy and Head Girl. They will often be the people responsible for offering a warm welcome and creating the right impression when visitors come to our school, and We’ll be expected to speak at major school events such as presentation evenings. 
So what on earth makes them want to do all that?

“I thought that it was a great opportunity and I had wanted to do it for a long time” Ethan explains.

“I applied because I want to be able to support other pupils and help all of them become the best they can be” adds Livvy. “It’s all about fulfilling the school motto: ‘Reach for the Sky at Rainhill High’.”

Both were chosen following a rigorous selection process involving a letter of application, and nerve-wracking presentations both to prefects and to a judging panel of Mrs Thorogood, Mr Pout and Ms West.

By her own admission, Livvy actually enjoyed the process – once the presentations were out of the way. “When I was first preparing for my presentation, I was extremely nervous. I was experienced in public speaking through being involved in drama but never had to speak about myself and my aspirations. Once up in front of everyone, the nerves vanished!

“Entering the interview was slightly daunting, but I wasn’t nervous. I was just more excited to share my experiences and ideas with my teachers and role models”.

“I was very scared and nervous before the presentations” admits Ethan. “Speaking in front of all of your friends and people you know is very difficult. I was a lot more relaxed when I did the interview. Now I will do my best to fulfil the role like many before me have. I feel very privileged and my parents are very proud.” 

“All my family were very proud what I’ve accomplished” says Livvy. “I am very proud to represent my school, and its amazing teachers and pupils.” 

Livvy and Ethan have certainly come a long way from Eccleston Lane Ends and Oakdene primary schools respectively. Between them they have thrown themselves into their studies and extra-curricular activities, offered leadership and direction to other pupils, and demonstrated an array of talents that make them the right people for the roles.