Settling in at Rainhill

We seek to make the transition from primary to secondary school as smooth as possible. All of the transition work we do with primary schools help us to get students off to a flying start.

Throughout the day Rainhill staff maintain a visible presence around the school but particularly at lunchtime and at the beginning and end of the day. All students are seen safely onto the buses. In order to ensure students' safety we expect all students to stay on site at lunch and to have either a school meal or bring sandwiches of their own.

We do not put up with bullying at Rainhill and will take action against bullies to preserve the happiness of our students.


Pastoral Structure

Mrs L Munro Deputy Headteacher Personal Development, Behaviour & Welfare
Mr J Lamb Assistant Headteacher Behaviour
Mrs E Bradshaw Safeguarding and SEN  
Mrs G Booth KS3 Progress Leader YPL Year 7
Mrs B Williams   YPL Year 8
Mr M Wood   YPL Year 9
Mrs J West   YPL Year 10
Ms N Fryer Assistant Headteacher
KS4 Progress Leader
YPL Year 11
Mrs L Martin   YSM Year 7
Miss N Gordon   YSM Year 8
Mrs V Quirk   YSM Year 9
Mrs H Foster   YSM Year 10
Mrs F Seddon   YSM Year 11