Rainhill High School features a competitive extra-curricular House System. Based around the world famous Rainhill Trials, each house is connected to the railway history of the village by name. Points are awarded  for success in sporting events, artistic performances, talent competitions and more! Each year the winning house is awarded the coveted 'House Cup' trophy and individual medals for outstanding performances. Students at Rainhill High School are proud of the house they belong to and are keen to apply for the leadership roles offered to them.

Staff are also members of specific houses.

Sans Pareil is the school's most successful house at Rainhill so far.


PERSEVERANCE – Head of House – Natalie Murphy (Forms A and B, Green)

Perseverance was the first steam locomotive that took part in the Rainhill Trials. It was built by Timothy Burstall. 


ROCKET – Head of House – Sarah Critchley (Forms C and D, White)

The Rocket was the most advanced steam engine of its day. It was built for the Rainhill Trials held by the Liverpool & Manchester Railway in 1829 to choose the best and most competent design. It set the standard for a hundred and fifty years of steam locomotive power. 


SANS PAREIL – David Patterson (Forms E and F, Yellow)

Sans Pareil was a steam locomotive built by Timothy Hackworth which took part in the 1829 Rainhill Trials on the Liverpool and Manchester Railway, held to select a builder of locomotives. The name means, roughly, 'Without equal' in French.


STEPHENSON – TBC (Forms G and H, Purple)

Robert Stephenson FRS (16 October 1803 – 12 October 1859) was an English civil engineer. He was the only son of George Stephenson, the famed locomotive builder and railway engineer; many of the achievements popularly credited to his father were actually the joint efforts of father and son.

Your child will be placed in the House as indicated above by which form group they are in. For example if your child is in 9G, they will be placed in “Stephenson” House.

Houses are identified by colours on a child's school tie and PE top:

House Logos