This has been introduced by the Conservative/Liberal Government as an additional income stream. It is calculated on the number of students who either claim Free School Meals, are Looked After Children, or are Service Children. It is for schools to decide how they allocate the money. However, each school must publish how the money is spent.

Deployment of Pupil Premium Funding  

In line with the school’s DIS FIRST policy, the type of activities that will be funded by the Pupil Premium include:

  • Revision Classes - 26th Period

  • 1 to 1 Tuition – Teachers/Graduates

  • Reading Intervention

  • Reflection Classroom
  • Year Student Manager
  • Maximise: training for all Y11 pupils on revision, stress management and preparation for examinations.

  • Breakfast Club

  • Reading and Intervention resources

  • Trips and Uniforms

  • Attendance – rewards and incentives

  • Pupil Entitlement Initiative

  • Promote Reading for Pleasure in the DIS cohort; continued investment in the library and AR