Studying Sociology could lead to the following career opportunities:

Criminal Justice Professional

Sociology provides an understanding of how humans behave and interact in social settings and this can be useful in pursuing a career in the criminal justice system. A background in sociology can be used to launch a career as a corrections officer, probation and parole agent, criminal investigator, police officer, special agent, worker, clerk of court, legal assistant or magistrate.


Human and Social Services Professional

A sociology background is highly useful to an individual who plans to pursue a career in a human services or social services field. Graduates can find employment with government and private agencies as mental health counsellors, youth counsellors, substance abuse rehabilitation specialists, advocates for special needs groups, social workers, child or adult services caseworkers and recreational therapists.


Environmental Consultant

Sociology majors who are interested in environmental causes should also consider careers working with non-profit organisations and private environmental organisations. Graduates should consider positions as public health specialists, environmental research analysts, environmental advocates and community relations specialists.



Education Professional

Students with advanced degrees in sociology may consider positions as educators, from primary schools to university professors. A sociology background may also equip students for careers as admissions specialists working in colleges or universities or administrative positions in local school systems.